How to Appreciate Your Life Without Feeling Guilty

Of all the ways there are to increase your personal power, gratitude tops them all. Being appreciative for everything you have and having the desire to help others to feel the same level of appreciation.

It is hard at times. There can be occasions when you feel guilty for spending on life’s luxuries. The feelings of compassion, empathy, and guilt for those who will never have the same.

Personal power increases your sense of empathy so know that you are on the right path and improving. When your guilt stems from empathy and compassion for others, change your mindset.

Visualize the look on others people faces when you do something for the greater good.

3 Ways to Feel Grateful Without Feeling Guilty

  1. Pay it back

When you feel compassion for others who have less than you, the best way to give is to be of service. Not by giving away money because you can’t buy happiness.

You can give away happiness, and that’s just by giving people something you know they will appreciate. Your time. If you then feel guilty about not having the time to be of service, an online search for a local charity is where to donate because there are voluntary organizations that need the cash to help provide for those in need. You can donate to registered charities in under ten minutes. You do have time.

  1. Stop Comparing

Comparisons are the pathway to negative emotions that eat away at your positive power. The instant you start comparing yourself, your feelings, attitude and what you have in comparison to others, you are opening yourself up for guilt.

From a young age, we are taught that we should be grateful for everything we get because others are worse off. So, guilt is ingrained us. That needs let go. Just be grateful without bringing a comparison into it.

  1. Use Your Gratitude to Serve Those Dear to You Better

Being grateful for the people you have in your life – as support, mentors, friends, and shoulders to lean on – can bring about guilt too. How can I say (or write) I’m grateful for my family when I act like work’s my main priority? Decide to make the change and spend quality time with those you’re grateful to have in your life. Do a home visit, a video call or phone the person. Don’t just type things into private messages on social media.

Speaking to people instead of text messages strengthens relationships.  Use your guilt to drive change for the better. Don’t let it deplete your energy.


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