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The Coaching Circle is an innovative program to tackle the issues keeping you up at night. Through a combination of one-on-one coaching, live group sessions, video courses, worksheets and reading, together we’ll find the way to a stronger, happier you. 

During our coaching sessions, we’ll tackle a wide range of topics to help you focus on improving yourself. These include:

Managing Emotions

Courageous Actions

Getting Things Done


Communicating with Strength and Power


Dealing with Change

Managing Your Time

Understanding and Accepting the True You

Coaching can help you in so many ways. Moving from a scarcity to an abundance mindset. Making a choice that seems difficult. Managing unrealistic expectations. Whatever your goals, Alexidom can help you reach them.

There are a wide variety of coaching options, and you can participate in any and all of the ones that suit you. From live group coaching calls to private one-on-one sessions, from calls for specific topics to online written coaching, how much you participate is all up to you. Together we’ll target goal-setting, self-confidence, communication, and going after what you want in life.

Let’s talk about how Alexidom can help.

Types of Coaching Offered

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Whether you need help with how to create a professional email or how to truly shine in interviews, Alexidom can get you making money moves in no time. Our career coaching will focus on identifying the problems you face in your career, and finding creative solutions to help overcome them. We’ll learn about the 7 streams of income, putting together a job planner to help you make your dreams a reality.

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Alexidom offers a wide range of life coaching services to help you realise what you want in life, and how to go about achieving it. We’ll explore how to do a vision board to identify your aspirations, then we’ll go about setting real-world targets that bring your dreams within reach. We’ll look at how to reclaim your power, laying down the steps needed to bring about a stronger, happier you.

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One-to-one leadership coaching is increasingly being recognized as the absolute best way to improve the performance of your businesses. By coaching the most influential people within an organisation, you can have a direct, positive impact. As a business coach for women, Alexidom helps women to navigate the modern business world and steer their brands to success.




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