8 Reasons Why It Might be Time to Change Your Job

If you work in an environment where people are regularly coming and going for a variety of reasons, it can be hard to pinpoint when it’s your time to leave. Are you being dramatic, or is it really time to pack up and find a new place to put down roots? You spend a lot of time at work, so you should be somewhere that works for you. Keep reading for 8 reasons that you should change your job.

  1. You Aren’t Learning

Continuing education is a fundamental part of life. Your work should be teaching you daily. About your job, the world, or really anything. If you aren’t learning new things at work, then it might be time to find a new job.

  • You Don’t Feel Satisfied with Your Contributions

No longer feeling like you are contributing or making worthwhile contributions at work can leave you feeling unworthy or, like your position in the company doesn’t matter. Seek out a work environment that you can contribute to.

  • You Aren’t Enjoying Your Work

Every day isn’t going to be a cakewalk, but you should still generally enjoy your work and the people that you work with.

  • You Don’t Feel Valued

You should feel valued by your company, supervisor, and coworkers. That is a basic human necessity that you deserve.

  • You Have Negative Feelings Regularly

If the “Sunday Scaries” is a nightly occurrence, and your drive to work is rife with distress, considering looking for a job that at least brings platonic emotions.

  • Your Health is Suffering

If your work is negatively affecting your physical and/or mental health, then take that as a clear and loud sign that you need to go elsewhere. You can’t work if you’re dead, and everyone can be replaced.

  • You’ve Topped Out

Look around your office. If there is nowhere else to go, but you aren’t feeling satisfied, then it is time to look for a position that will either be a move up or will allow for more advancement.

  • Your Environment is Toxic

Overbearing taskmasters, constant turmoil, and lack of a work/life balance are clear signs that you are working in a toxic environment. However, many other forms of toxic work environments are not as easily picked out. Think carefully about what you want out of your work culture and what you are actually getting.

Sometimes it is evident when you need to find a new job. However, for many, it can be a series of small and seemingly minuscule events and feelings that lead to finding new work. Think about your work life and personal life, and consider if a change is in need.


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