7 Ways People Give Away Personal Power

It feels good to give, but that’s never true for your personal power. That’s yours, and whether you know it or not, you are likely to be giving it up every day.

7 Ways Personal Power is Lost

  1. Being Passive

The only time it is acceptable to be passive is when you really don’t care. Letting people treat you like a doormat will drain your energy. Have enough personal power to stand up for yourself. Otherwise, people will keep on putting you down.

  • Giving Your Inner Critical Voice Mind Space

Be aware of your consciousness because that’s the critic that will drain you the most and keep on taking. If you find this becoming problematic, reinforcing affirmations are the weapon to use to halt it.

  • Toleration of Manipulation

Manipulators will keep on taking if you let them. People who constantly take with zero reciprocation are a drain on your energy. You have the power to decide to get away from that situation.

  • Trying to Please Everyone

You cannot be everything to everyone. You can be your best by your standards. Take actions that feel right to you and don’t try to into the norm of society to please everyone else.

Please yourself. Not society.

  • Being Judgemental

You may not be a judgemental person, but you are not immune to making snap judgments. Other people can influence your behavior if you let them. Office gossip, friends talking down about someone else or neighbors talking about a new person moving into the house across the street. Those seemingly innocent conversations can bring about negative energy, influencing your behavior around new people you meet. 

  • Being Apologetic without Cause

The time for sorry is when you know you have made a mistake. Not when you need someone’s attention. For that, excuse me will do the same job. An easy way to be aware of your apologetic language is to make it a rule never to follow “I’m sorry” with “but.” I’m sorry but… contradicts the apology.

  • Focusing on Heartless Goals

This one needs some careful life planning to make sure you don’t fall victim to it because it is a massive barrier to attaining personal power.

An abundant life is more than your career. Life goals are about helping you reach your dream life. Not about what work will make you rich so you can buy material things to satisfy an ego. Focus on lifestyle goals that include family, relationships, finance, health, career – Inner satisfaction. Otherwise, you will continue working monotonous jobs, keep giving personal power away to unsatisfying relationships, and waste money trying to satisfy the need to fill a void.


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