6 Things Trying to Tell You It’s Time to Change

Sometimes we find ourselves itching for a change, wanting something different and new. However, many times when changes are most needed, we have no idea. We, as humans, can be oblivious to the most obvious of signs, bumbling through our days with abandon and unhappiness. The signs are there in front of you, telling you it’s time to start a change. Take a moment to stop, be still, and decide if these signs are present in your life.


  1. You Forget You Can Change

Are there aspects of your life that you are unhappy with, that you deal with daily but wish you didn’t have to? Maybe you have forgotten that you can change, to make changes in your life. Consider if the problems in your life are ones that you can take steps to change or improve.


  1. You Forget You Deserve the Best

Sometimes we have to settle for something less than the best. This does not mean that you don’t deserve the best. If you are consistently setting for less than the best, you have most likely forgotten that you deserve the best of life as well. It might be time to ask for more.


  1. You Turn Molehills into Mountains

Are little irritations ruining your day? Allowing minor issues to manifest into more significant problems that consume your day is not only unhealthy but is also a sign that it’s time to start initiating changes that will allow you to ignore those minor inconveniences.


  1. Nostalgia Becomes Obsession

Nostalgia is good. Remembering days gone by and happy memory is an integral part of a healthy life and culture. But, if you lose hours to thinking of better times and pastures that were greener instead of living in your present life and appreciating where you are at currently, you may need to start initiating changes.


  1. You Ask, “Why Me?”

When something doesn’t go your way, stop and think about the questions that you ask yourself. Are you asking ‘blaming’ questions, or are you asking questions about your next steps and what you can do better next? The type of questions you ask can let you know when it’s time to make a change.


  1. You Have No Passion

Do you have passions in your life? If there is nothing in your life that gives you joy or happiness, then it is definitely time to consider a change.


Change is a big thing. It can be difficult, take a long time, and force you to make uncomfortable changes. However, taking the time to examine your day to day life will give you insight into the changes you need to make.



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